Looking For:

4+ Bedrooms, 2+ Bathrooms

With en-suite

In South London, Byron, Lambeth

Up to $575,000 with pool

Looking For:

Condo in London

Under $165,000

Closing September 30th or sooner

Looking For:

In Lambeth

Multi-family investments

Any budget

Looking For:

In London

Up to $450,000

6+ Bedrooms

Looking For:

4+ Bedrooms, 2+ Bathrooms

East London, near Argyle

Under $370,000

With garage

Move-in ready!

Looking For:

4 Bedrooms, 2 Baths

East London
Up to $480,000

Garage or shed large enough to fit a motorcycle

Fenced backyard

Move-in ready!

Looking For:
3+ Bedrooms
Move in ready
Preferred garage
Closing first sometime around the first week of May
$350,000 or less

Looking For:
3+ bedroom bungalow, 2+ bathrooms
Between 1-15 years old
Closing preferred to be May 31st
North London
Under $800,000

Looking For:
Multi-family or single family home with plenty of bedrooms
Willing to locate anywhere in London that’s ideal for Air BnB

Looking For:
Bungalow with 2+ bedroom on main and 1+ bedrooms in basement, 3 baths

Location: North London
Up to $850,000

Looking For:
Home to flip/ needs work or good for Airbnb
No apartment condos please

Looking to pay under $200,000

Looking For:
Rent-to-own entrance type properties (working with alternate financing companies so if you are renting and want to learn more, contact me!)

Looking For:
Student rentals in Fanshawe area
Under $400,000

Looking For:
Student rentals located near Western U
Must be TURN-KEY (no renovations required)

Looking For:
Starter home in East London
Anywhere from $200,000-$300,00

Looking For:
London home

6+ bedrooms
Near schools

Looking For:
North London  bungalow under 2200 SQ FT
2+2 bedrooms, 2+ full bath
Finished basement
No Pool
Under $800,000

Looking For:
6+ bedroom home
Anywhere near UWO, DT or Fanshawe

Looking For:
Rental property in East London near Fanshawe
Looking to pay $200,000, up to $280,000

Looking For: 
airbnb investment
Near western, fanshawe or hospitals
Up to $600,000

Looking For:
Farm with land, or commercial investment property
Must be zoned for electrician to run a businessLooking For:
Condo located downtown
Under $400,000 (Fees under $300/month)Looking For:
Bungalow in Glencoe
Move-in condition
Under $350,000