Looking For:

Single Family or Duplex or potential for in-law suite in Lambeth with an acre (or some land) under $650,000! Flexible to move any time, and do work if needed

Looking For:

Home in Melbourne, Ontario
Under $375,000
closing summer or fall 2020

Looking For:

4 Bedroom house on Chambers Ave in Jack Chambers School District

$600,000 or less asking price… 3 baths preferred, bonus would be a pool or hot tub in the backyard, needing to close ASAP. Finished basement preferred. 

Looking For:

Multi-family or single family home with plenty of bedrooms

$300,000 – with room to grow and needing renovations, can fix major issues, any condition.

Looking For:

.5 acre or more house and land with 2+ bedroom on main and zoning for housing a horse on the property.

Location: North of London preferred but within 30 minutes of London is acceptable

Up to $325,000

Looking For:


Looking to pay under $200,000, can close any time, any condition

Looking For:

$250,000 or less anywhere in London

Looking For:

Student rentals in Fanshawe area

Under $400,000

Looking For:

Student rentals located near Western U

Must be TURN-KEY (no renovations required)

$450,000 or less

Looking For:

Starter home in East London

Anywhere from $200,000-$300,00

Looking For:

6+ bedroom home

Anywhere near UWO, DT or Fanshawe

Looking For:

Rental property in East London near Fanshawe

Looking to pay $200,000, up to $280,000

Looking For:

airbnb investment

Near western, fanshawe or hospitals

Up to $600,000

Looking For:

Farm with land, or commercial investment property

Must be zoned for electrician to run a business

Looking For:

4+ Bedrooms, 2+ Bathrooms

With en-suite

In South London, Byron, Lambeth

Up to $575,000 with pool

Looking For:

Condo in London

Under $190,000

Closing any time

Looking For:

In Lambeth

Multi-family investments

Any budget

Looking For:

In London or within One hour of London

Up to $400,000

2+ Bedrooms, Shop or Garage mandatory

Looking For:

4 Bedrooms, 2 Baths

East London

Up to $480,000

Garage or shed large enough to fit a motorcycle

Fenced backyard

Move-in ready!